The Authors

Sean Clancy

Born 30 April 1963 and educated atAlleyn’s School, Dulwich until 1980. Here a lifelong interest in natural history became focussed on moths during Natural History Society trips to Spurn Head in Yorkshire where a moth-trap was operated (and is to this day). Entomology was mainly confined to an amateur activity for the following years with the raising of a family taking precedent, although he travelled extensively throughout Britain in search of unusual species(and family holidays were usually organised around this goal!).

In 1997 he co-founded Atropos magazine, for which he still holds the role of Assistant Editor and writes regular articles. He is a regular contributor to the Entomologists' Record and has been the National Migrant Lepidoptera Recorder since2002, writing the comprehensive annual immigrant Lepidoptera report for that journal. Since 2000 he has worked under contract as a freelance ecologist specialising in the Lepidoptera,particularly the monitoring of endangered species and their habitat.

He is currently also working on a field guide to the pyraloid moths due to be published later in 2012.

Morten Top-Jensen

Born 27 March 1956 and educated at teacher training college Emdrupborg Seminarium until 1982. He worked as a teacher (1982– 2004) and has held the post of Vice Principal at a private school from 2005, before starting his own publishing company (Bug-Book Publishing) at the end of 2009.

A member of the Board of Directors at the experience centre NaturBornholm since 2001, and a member of the Board of Directors in the Natural Historical Society on Bornholm since 2001. Founder and Chief Editor of the yearly magazine Natur på Bornholm since 2002. He has also been a member of the Entomological Scientific Committee of Denmark (EFU) since2007, and is an accomplished, published nature photographer. He is a regular writer and lecturer on Lepidoptera and other insect groups, and the special nature on Bornholm, as well as a supplier of monthly nature programmes for a television channel on Bornholm.

Michael Fibiger

Born 29 June 1945 and educated at teacher training college HellerupSeminarium until 1970, Master of Psychology 1976 (Copenhagen University). He worked until his death as a private practicing clinical psychologist. A member of the Board of Directors in the Lepidopterological Society 1968-1973, member of the Board of Directors in the Entomological Society, Copenhagen from 1973 (from 2000 as chairman). He held the role of Vice President for Societas Europaeae Lepidopterologica from 1990 to2002. He authored 16 books on moths as well as a large number of popular and scientific articles; he was also the Chief Editor and one of the main authors of the book series Noctuidae Europaeae and Noctuidae Sibiricae.

Michael died after a protracted fight against cancer on 16 February 2011.